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I work with women and men 1:1 on and group coach

2635 Cleveland Ave suite 3, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA



Hypnosis Session

Shamanic Healing

Tranformational Breathwork

Soul Retrieval

21 day RAPID reset HYPNOSIS AND healing

Release the blocks that hold you from your power.

Based on decades of coaching, practice and teaching from some of the worlds most renowned and respected healers and teachers, I provide you with the tools and guidance to help you manifest the life you have always wanted and release the baggage you don't


Standing in your power and feeling confident and light.



Minimum 4 hours

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Website and Funnel Update

Intuitive Creation of Business

Graphics for Social Media Posts

business coach

Unlock your core offer

1:1 intensive group coaching and mentorship programme for female entrepreneurs who are ready to completely reinvent their business with the power of the chakra system, deep healing work and aligned soulbiz strategy.

reiki attunement...



Reiki Attunement

Reiki Guides

5 Hour In Person Course

reiki 1 & 2

Learn reiki healing and symbols

We begin by discussing reiki energy, chakras, and how the energy flows in a body. Then we move to the history of the Usui Reiki, Reiki Principles, the position of the hands, and how Reiki works. At the end of the class, you will receive a Level 1 attunement which awakens you to the Reiki energy. Reiki Level 1 is taught to heal on the physical level. This is Usui Reiki, the original lineage.

In addition to the class manual and level 2 certificate you will also receive:

Healing Symbols

Chakra Balancing

Reiki Meditation

21 Day Cleansing

Distant Reiki is taught

Business Tips for Reiki Practioners

“i've lost 30 pounds and Kept it off.”

“I’ve LOST 30 pounds and kept it off! I lost my first 8 pounds after my first cleanse program with Monica while nursing my 8 month old son. I continued to lose weight when I did Monica’s 28 Day jumpstart program and have sustained the weight loss. It is not a diet. I learned to eat for my unique body!”

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