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WILL POWER DOESN'T WORK. You are fighting with your conscious mind.

I remember being overweight with 3 kids and having no energy when I woke up in the morning. I didn't know what was wrong with me and I was so tired. I felt ashamed as I have kids to take care of but I couldn't even get out of bed. WTF?The doctors said I had hypothyroidism and I needed to be on meds for the rest of my life!

Use this area to tell your story. Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.

The medication made me feel worse then I did before and gained more weight!

So, I worked on myself! As a holistic health coach, I found simple solutions. In the beginning, I noticed it was particular foods that were making me tired and bloated. I began to remove inflammatory foods like milk and bread. These gave me tremendous results and I began dropping weight.

I was working out a couple times a day and feeling happier however I would still find myself on the couch eating popcorn, chips and candy at the end of the night. I was self sabotaging my SUCCESS so I stayed overweight?


My conscious mind was keeping me safe after my divorce and my losing all that owned in the California Wild Fires. I had a backpack of T R A U M A. I had heard of mind reprogramming so I began working on my self sabotaging patterns and habits. I began to heal my emotions so that I wasn't eating when lonely, sad or bored.

Now I'm at my high school weight and I'm not on the diet roller coaster.

I eat what I love because I love myself and I know I'm worthy of love and happiness.




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Conquer Cravings, Lose Weight, Stop Smoking

Based on decades of coaching, practice and teaching from some of the worlds most renowned and respected healers and teachers, I provide you with the tools and guidance to help you lose the weight for good. I've worked with clients that lose the last 10 pounds or 50+ pounds. You will receive a 21 day hypnosis to listen to after our session.


Get Focus And Clarity

Boost confidence, improve focus, or enhance performance in areas like sports or public speaking. It can be a tool for personal development, helping one achieve a more positive mindset or realize latent potentials.


Remove stress and anxiety

Learn how to release the past and heal trauma in a health way. Process passed emotions and begin your self love journey. Reprogram old belief patterns and replace with new positive ones. Use the forgiveness tools in the unique breathing practices so that you forgive, release blocks and open your heart to self love.


What my clients have to say!

Chocolate cake with frosting and nuts with conconut has always been my favorite. I looked at it today and I had zero desire. More than that, I really did not want any of it in my body. Working with you had changed a lifetime of food cravings that I had trouble controlling so they were controlling me and it has been effortless. The shift occured from our hypnosis session. It was an immediate change. I just have not desired foods that used to be unabile to resist

I've lost 30 pounds and kept it off. I lost my first 8 pounds after my first cleanse program with Monica while nursing my 8 month old son. I continued to lose weight when I did Monica’s 28 Day jumpstart program and have sustained the weight loss. It is not a diet. I learned to eat for my unique body!”

I have now lost 30 pounds and I help other women get in touch with their higher self and cleanse their body, mind and soul.

Monica lives and breathes enlightenment and spirituality. Monica became my coach as I began to discover my light and gifts I needed to offer the world. Monica became my spiritual running buddy. She helped me discover a deep love for myself and introduced me to many self-care tools that lead to feelings of empowerment and worthiness.

...let go of what is holding you back and access your inner light and power

Feel 10x More Peaceful, Clear And Empowered

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